Choose the perfect browser for Pogo games

Electronic Arts has been making consistent changes in their gaming platform for better sustainability. Most Java and Flash player games have been giving challenges to users; therefore, to break down all obstacles in playing pogo games, EA has been developing most games by using html5 platform.

Browser for Pogo

Web-browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can be most compatible applications in windows PCs for pogo games. Yet, some games may require Java and Flash plugins. Internet Explorer 11 in windows PCs can be the most compatible browser to support all such plugins and allow games to load. Similarly, other browser apps like Google Chrome can be the best fit for html games.

Microsoft has been promoting new browser in Windows 10 PCs Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer. It can be also possible that you may not get IE browser app in upcoming updates for windows; therefore, choose Google for now to play your pogo games hassle-free.

How to resolve when Pogo games do not load or play?

  • Ensure that your device is connected to an active internet connection
  • You are logged in to pogo/EA account using the right information
  • Download and install available updates for your web-browser
  • Uninstall the older version of application and download the latest
  • Check for available PC updates and install them for better experience
  • Delete system temp files and run a disk cleanup
  • Clear cookies and caches from pogo browser
  • Ensure that you are using the right web-browser for specific game
  • Also check that your computer security is not blocking
  • Disable any ad blocker app or extension from the browser
  • After checking all above points, reboot your pc and try loading games
  • If cannot load pogo games yet, then access the pogo support section and get pogo help services via best available methods.

How to fix Java problems in Pogo games?

Internet Explorer 11 is the best browser that supports Java plugins. Make sure that you are using IE11 as pogo browser to play online games. if you cannot load java games from pogo, then click on “Tools” symbol in the right top corner and tap on “Manage addons”, further look for Java applications and enable them immediately. When being prompted to run Java, choose to always allow and start playing your favorite games now.

Despite performing above task, if you cannot make your games to load, then access “Programs” on your pc and remove all installed java versions. Now download the latest version of Java from the internet and install. Reboot your browser for full effects, then try playing your games and do not forget to allow Java at Customer should contact pogo help desk when unexpected issues bother while playing any games.